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Talking about me

Posted by Karla on August 31, 2011 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (4)

I will do my best to write about myself. So what made me start painting? Everybody talks about passion, but I guess in my case it started differently. I was born in Mexicali, BC (Mexico) that borders Calexico, California. There were 5 of us, but when I turned 5, there were only 4. My mother and father frequently gave us colouring books and crayons, which are still better that candy for me. Even now, if I see a colouring book in a book store, I will check it out and buy it, but of course I will say it is for my little sister. I remember my mother drawing Betty Poop, a cartoon she loves, at night. As destiny has it, her fourth child and my youngest sister called Lorenita looked like Betty Poop (though I would say she is more beautiful-Lorenita). My oldest brother was, for me, a genius. He painted all the walls of his room, showing all our cousins telling stories of their adventures whilst dressed in funny uniforms of soldiers, Italians, Germans, anything related to wars. His room was amazing, a real piece of art and he was only 14 years old. I remember sitting in the dining room asking him to create a story for me and he grabbed the salt and pepper and started drawing a king and queen. My brother was very gifted. It is a shame I didn’t keep any of his work. I was an unusual kid, my mind was always in another reality, seeing life in a different way (my school mates thought I was crazy). Playing with kids was boring for me and a waste of time. I had too much imagination and was always distracted. Every night I would get out of bed and go into the garden or out of the house, which was at the edge of the city. There were only a few houses on the edge, and they were surrounded by beautiful grass, small rivers, trees, dry vegetation, and, best of all, lots of insects. I spent my time looking for life on earth or, more accurately, in dirt, below stones and within grass. It was a marvelous world for me to learn of. If life was below then I thought it might also be above, so I used to look into the dark sky searching for movements, some indication of life and tried to see or imagine what was up there. I guess this was the reason my mother tried to keep me in bed by tying my feet to the end. Although, she should have realised that it was easy for me to loosen the loop, so it didn’t work. I started painting very young, as I tried to express my thoughts and free myself. I was trying to create and later I painted the ones I loved and the ones from who I learned about life. I love colours, shadows and light. I try to express my feelings with paint. It is the best way for me to express myself, as I am not good with words. I also tried playing the piano and loved it. I would get lost in the keys, but unfortunately I had to let it go, as I changed places very frequently, which made it very hard for me to carry the piano. Also, I was not making enough money. I started taking care of myself very young. Painting was and, still is, my companion, my friend. I express everything I feel, and paint what I wish or want. It is a profound part of me, bringing out my true nature, my reality.